Digitize negatives and slides with a dslr!

There is a audio version of this article where i explain the method


I specialize in digitizing negatives and slides using my dslr. this method allows me to do the same job that used to take almost 4 hour for a 36 frame roll of 35mm film with a scanner to under 1 hour including editing and exporting the jpg files!

The times i save using my dslr not only makes the process faster for the client but also spares my sanity!

Another great advantage using dslr is that the wonderful film grain is much more visible and makes the images sharper without adding any sharpness when editing!

The final jpg file on a 35mm frame is around 4000 pixels and will look great when printing in A2+ or bigger size!

I digitize 35mm, 120 medium format up to 4x5 large format sheet film with a great result!

This is the setup i use, a dslr with a lens that allows me to get close, epson negative holder taped to a shoe box, a 10 inch tablet for the light source and when needed something heavy back in the box to make more stable!

I use tethered mode using a usb cable in to my computer, and the images go directly into lightroom for editing. 
The xbox 360 contoller is used as a remote shutter button, via a program called Joy to key.

Here is a picture of my setup:

dslr scanning setup.jpg