photographer: Jens Peter Engedal

Sina Farhat

My name is Sina and i am a event photographer based in Sweden.

My style is to be the fly in the wall and capture those genuine moments when people don't expect me and by doing so my images are received very well by my clients.

Thanks to 5+ years of experience of covering large event i have no problem finding great subjects even when there is 250 people in a building and a i have to work on my timing when it comes to covering the right spot.

I am a calm person, this has the effect that when i take portraits my clients relaxes, has a good time and get photos that make the person happy.

I have a eye for the details and will notice the things that most people miss, this ability allows me to capture photos that stand out from other photographers.

My preferred method of learning is to use the trial and error method, this allows me to a get real world experience by trying something out and seeing the results!
This has made me a better person when it comes to failing and being able to continue my learning.

I also teach photography via the trial and error method, this allows the student to get a real world experience by seeing the results and getting feedback from me.

When i want to slow down and go through the process i shoot with analog film, this allows me to learn and handle my expectation of the final result by putting the exposed roll of film in the fridge and wait a week or a month before developing it, this method makes me enjoy my work allot more then if i would process the roll directly after taking the images.
I have a lab at home where i develop black and white, color negatives and slides.